Non-surgical facelift treatment

By observing one of basic principles we apply – first, do not harm- we offer an alternative to surgical facelift by applying facial rejuvenating method – Silhouette Soft threads

Rejuvenation using Platelet Rich Plasma

Platalet Rich Plasma, known as Plasmalift, is completely natural treatment used for boosting growth of new cells, collagen production and improvement of quality of face, neck, décolletage and hand skin, but also genital area.

Liposuction and liposculpture

We remove unwanted excess fat tissue from “critical” areas (hips, stomach, thighs…) using fine-touch aspiration tubing. Excess fat is reshaped and injected back in areas the patient wants to boost (lips, breasts, buttocks…).


We control moles and skin pigmentation changes with very precise diagnosis with 95-99% accuracy by applying completely painless and non-invasive method of microscopic analysis.

Lip procedures

We perform lip augmentation and correct lip contours and asymmetry with hyaluronic acid or own fat transfer.


Aesthetic surgery is no longer a luxury reserved for extravagant stars, but a daily routine which is a part of health education, care and body culture. Life expectancy and working life have both prolonged and the need to look nourished, beautiful and attractive has become an essential part of life and care of oneself.
In a time when everything has become a commodity, and especially a field related to beauty and youth, it is a real challenge to remain faithful to the principles of medical and human ethics and to act in the best interests of the client.
Guided by these principles, Dr. Sc. med. Brankica Tepavcevic, specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with more than 20 years of experience, founded BT Aesthetic Surgery Center in Belgrade.

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Our Treatments

At BT Aesthetic Surgery Center we see the face as a whole. By observing all aesthetic principles, we make corrections to its parts without disturbing harmony of the face.

If, among other things, plastic beauties and surgically shaped older ladies marked the twentieth century, the spirit of new millennium returns to the nature and moto “less is more”.

Use of natural substances and interventions suited to individual needs of each patient, is the best way to restore healthy, youthful look.


„Eye bags, dry skin, sagging lips, tired look and removal of moles are only some of problems I have successfully solved with Dr Brankica in last ten years. Dr Brankica is the best professional, self-confident and focussed on your wishes and problems. Fantastic service is not the only thing you get at the polyclinic, but also great mood and lots of positive energy.``

Ljiljana (49 years) Belgrade

„In the abundance of clinics, doctors, various professionals and so called experts, it is very important to choose the right one. For me and my daughter, this is Dr Brankica Tepavcevic, and it is not important if it's a regular dermoscopy because of the fair skin colour, removal of the moles, eye bags fillers, mesotherapy or any other treatment. Brankica will patiently explain which treatment is the best for you, she’ll think about your wishes, but also about your budget. The feeling that you are in the safe hands of a true and dedicated physician like Brankica is irreplaceable.``

Olgica B.

„No matter how much you exercise, practice healthy nutrition and use various cosmetic products the female body after giving birth to three children simply looks different. I appreciate so much all the patience and understanding Dr Brankica had for me when she explained not only what she could do, but what would give the best results in accordance with my wishes and financial abilities. The results not only met my expectations, but they exceeded them and brought back self-confidence I needed so much! 🙂 “

Jasmina (38 years)

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