Dr. Brankica Tepavcevic

Dr med. sci. Brankica Tepavcevic – a founder and owner of BT Aesthetic Surgery Center and a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with more than 20 years of clinic practice, can be a role model in any sense.

She is an international trainer in application of facelift treads, collagen stimulators and hyaluronic fillers. She is famous for transplantation of own fat tissue as a natural material for managing face volume with high regenerative potential, as well as application of facelift treads, mini facelift, facial contouring, removal of aging signs and corrections.

Dr med. sci. Brankica Tepavcevic is also well known for effective body interventions. Every year she performs hundreds of liposuctions, fat transfer breast and buttocks augmentation, as well as reshaping of whole body.

She is an author of a number of publications on aesthetic surgery published in relevant world scientific magazines, such as Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Plast Surgery, Facial Plast Surgery and many others.

Brankica Tepavcevic is a member of The International Society of Plastic Surgery – ISAPS, International Dermoscopy Society (IDS), as well as Serbian Dermoscopy Association (UDS). More about professional work and education of Brankica Tepavcevic you can find here.

In a time when everything has become a commodity, and especially a field related to beauty and youth, it is a real challenge to remain faithful to the principles of medical and human ethics and to act in the best interests of the client.

Apart from the expertise, dr med. sci. Tepavcevic has unusual love for her profession which is, as well as ethics, the secret ingredient that is necessary for professional and personal integrity, and the patients and clients of the BT Aesthetic Surgery Center recognize it.

Our Principles

The basic principle of medical ethics also applies to aesthetics as part of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Health comes first.


This is another ancient principle, important for aesthetic surgery. Everything that is excessive on face and body looks unnatural and inappropriate.


Untested methods and substances that are not natural and can cause health damage should be avoided at all costs.
The silicone era has passed, natural substances and methods of non-invasive rejuvenation have conquered the world, so the whole process became less painful, and the results achieved are incomparably better and longer lasting.


Aesthetic surgery is no longer a luxury reserved for extravagant stars, but a daily routine which is part of health education, care and body culture.
Life expectancy and working life have both prolonged and the need to look nourished, beautiful and attractive has become an essential part of life and care of oneself, and certainly not a wimp.


We must not forget that a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, care and physical activity improve the way you look.
Looks is not an end in itself – it contributes to the sense of satisfaction and security. Beauty comes from within, and we can help it come to its full expression.