Capillary reduction

Most often broken capillaries are found on legs, and this mostly affects women exposed to certain risk factors (long periods of standing or sitting, multiple pregnancies and obesity) or simply they have genetic predispositions.

They are not dangerous, but they look like bruises and they damage aesthetics of legs, and this is why a lot of women would like to remove them.

Broken capillaries can be removed by:

  • Sclerotherapy – for removal of thick blood vessels, up to two millimetres in diameter, which appear on skin surface, as well as blood vessels which split and create a whole network of broken capillaries
  • Treatment by radio waves for removal of fine and thin capillaries on legs and face

Sclerotherapy is a method of injection of sclerotherapy solution which leads to gluing of blood vessel wall. It is necessary to perform a few treatments; a time required for each treatment depends on area which is treated. The result is complete and permanent removal of even the largest broken capillaries.

Treatment by radio waves is most often performed in two phases with two month’s period between the treatments. After the treatment small skin crusts as thick as removed capillary are formed on the skin, and they quickly fall off.