Eyelid lift

Some of the most visible signs of aging are excessive skin on upper and lower eyelids, eye bags and lack of fat issue in eyelid area.

This problem can be solved by blepharoplasty – a surgical intervention used to remove excessive skin and fat tissue from eyelids.

There are a few available techniques:

  • Upper eyelids: by making a small incision in the natural fold of the eyelid, the excess skin is removed and, if necessary, excess fat tissue. After surgery the scar is well hidden by a skinfold and it is not visible when eyes are open.
  • Lower eyelids: by making an incision right under eyelashes of the lower eyelid, the excess skin and fat tissue are removed. If the goal is only to remove eye bags (and there isn’t any excessive skin), surgical incision on inner part of the lower eyelid is made and used to remove or transfer excessive fat tissue. There aren’t any visible scars after the surgery since there aren’t any external incisions.
  • Soft surgery: is the latest method for removal of excessive skin on eyelids without scarring. Candidates for this kind of intervention are patients with less excessive skin, and the purpose of soft surgery is to delay procedure with surgical incision and scarring for a few years.

A milder swelling and bruising are normal after these surgical procedures. The threads are removed after 7 days, and it is necessary to avoid strenuous physical activity over the next four weeks. Also, it is advisable to wear sunglasses and a UV-protection cream.