Fat transfer breast augmentation

There aren’t many women who never thought: “I wish I could move fat from this part here…” These are kind of wishes we make true – it’s up to you to choose the “layout”!

Fat transfer (Micro Fat Grafting) is a procedure which uses liposuction to take fat from hips, thighs or stomach and then injects it into other parts of body – in this case, breasts.

By injecting fat, breasts are augmented in a natural way. There aren’t any cuts and scarring on the skin, and the risk of presence of foreign bodies, such as silicon, is avoided. Increase in breast size is somewhat limited, but breasts look and feel very natural.

This procedure helps the patient in two ways – body fat in critical areas is reduced, and the breast size is increased while natural look and beauty are preserved.

An additional benefit of fat transfer breast augmentation is a quick recovery, so you can go back to your daily activities after three days.