Non-surgical body contouring treatments

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be happy. For example, just a little less fat and a bit more tightened skin. To make these wishes true, we have simple and quick solutions – ultrasound cavitation and mesotherapy cocktails for contouring critical areas and injecting lift treads for tightening skin in different parts of the body.

Ultrasound fat cavitation is an excellent choice for reduction of fat and/or cellulite from areas which give you most headaches. Most often, these are hands, stomach, thighs, buttocks, legs and calves.

The first effects are visible after one treatment, but for real results the process needs to be repeated between 4 and 10 times, depending on size of treated area and volume of fat which you would like to remove. The treatments are performed once a week which enables dissolved fat cells to be ejected from the body by using own natural elimination processes.

Mesotherapy cocktails are very efficient in treatment of cellulite. If lypolitics are added to the cocktail – substances that break fat cells – localised fat deposits slowly disappear from critical areas.  

It is important to note that mesotherapy doesn’t take off weight – we lose weight by physical exercise and healthy nutrition – but body is contoured by reduction of localised fat deposits. Depending on a case, it is necessary to do between 4 and 8 treatments.

Silhouette Soft threads procedure is used for skin lifting and tightening without surgery, quickly, painlessly and without recovery period. The skin is pulled back and lifted with only one pair of transparent and thin threads for 1- 1.15 cm  without using surgical knife. Soft treads will contour saggy knees, tighten buttock and hips and reduce excess skin on stomach, and they can also be used for breast lift.

The number of threads, and therefore the price, depends on skin area that needs to be tightened. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and it is painless, while the effect is immediate.  It takes a year and a half for threads to dissolve, and the new collagen which makes skin more elastic is developed.